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"To plant a Garden is to believe in Tomorrow."

Metro Pillars Vertical Garden (Nagpur)

"To plant a Garden is to believe in Tomorrow."


"To plant a Garden is to believe in Tomorrow."

Hotel Green Park

"To plant a Garden is to believe in Tomorrow."

About Us

Corona Greens was incorporated in 2014 which deals with Vertical Garden Installation and Maintenance. Corona Greens is a sister-concern of A-One Biotech which is a leading name in the field of Plants Production and Distribution situated in Pune, Maharashtra.

The specialization of Corona Greens is specialized Vertical Garden Erection and Commission. The core strength of vertical gardens are the plants and the media in which they are inoculated, which is where we have a specialization that results in beautiful creations of vertical wall. We have highly specialized media which contains 15 different ingredients which boost the plant growth and health. The media consist of growth hormones, growth promoters and slow release fertilizers which ensure the desired look of the vertical garden for a maximum period.

Plants which are used in our Vertical Gardens are produced through Plant Tissue Culture technology, which is again a state of the art technology, to produce exact clone of the F1 plant species, which give an overall balanced look to the plants.

Features of Vertical Gardens:

  • Green walls are not only spectacularly beautiful, but also helpful in enlivening the Ambiance.
  • Green walls can absorb heated gas in the air.
  • Lower both Indoor and Outdoor temperature.
  • Provide a healthier Indoor air quality as well as a more beautiful space.
  • Interior plants lower the Operational and Maintenance costs.
  • Save Water and Energy up to 40-50% by drip irrigation and increases the property value.
  • The cooling energy savings ranged between 7 and 47 percent and were greatest when Green Wall was installed on the west and south west wall of buildings. A recent study of these ‘Green Wall’ suggests that they can be20°C cooler than a bare wall on sunny days.

Nursery @ A-ONE BIOTECH 

  • The directors of A-One Biotech have always focused on quality at economic rates and diversity in plants
  • Our nursery is custom built to suit the organization's needs. The custom design influences a finer control over temperature and humidity of the nursery thereby leading to better quality standard of plants
  • Our Nursery is strategically located at Floriculture Park Ambi, Talegaon Dhabhade MIDC, which provides best climate for the growth of plants
  • Currently our nursery is used extensively for the production of ornamental varieties of Indoor and Outdoor Ornamental Plants
  • Our catalogue has reached up-to 120 different types of ornamental plants which majorly includes plants produced from tissue culture technique to match the standard quality of plants set up by our organization
  • Visit us at www.aonebiotech.com 


  • April 2014

    Our Humble Beginnings

    The company was incorporated.

  • July 2014

    Our first Project

    Associated with Reliance for various projects

  • December 2015

    Lal Bagh landscape Fest, 2015

    Successfully carried out the Lal Bagh landscape Fest 2015 with the largest Vertical Wall demo as big as 7500 sq.ft.

  • January 2016

    Lal Bagh Flower Show

    Participated in the Lalbaugh Flower show, created a Live Vertical 2-storey house with live plants

  • Till November 2016

    Associated with Various Groups for Various Projects

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Our Amazing Products

Corona Greens work with 2 systems for Vertical-Wall & a Fertilizer

Vertical Green Wall System

BIO Wall System


Vertical Green Wall System

This system is developed by Corona Greens after years of study and experience of people working in this field for more than 25 years. Every aspects that promote plant growth is studied thoroughly, water requirement for different species / light requirement / media requirement, the amount of nutrients and the density of media per plants/ humidity etc., all such aspects are studied for the development of the green wall system.

The system is perfectly suitable for the growth of plants in vertical wall system, the water holding capacity, the aeration/air pockets and the media is selected. Plant selection for this system is different which depends on the site requirement and conditions.

  • We have developed a modular design for green wall which consist of Non-woven Geotextile. Which is excellent for the development and growth of plants as this system allows the roots to freely grow in the fabric and is easy to install and maintain compared to Bio-Wall system
  • Module is 36” inch by 18” inch(height) in size which can be replaced on any existing type of vertical system.
  • HDPE sheets are used for support and waterproofing of the system.
  • This system is easy to install and maintain due to its simple and innovative design.
  • Felt system is widely accepted and used all over the globe to and is extremely suitable for Indian Climate and Vertical systems.

Modules of vertical garden which are 36" X 18"

  • Material: 1200 GsmNon woven Geo fabric is used for the Vertical Pannels
  • The size of panels is 18" by 36"
  • This panel is steady in nature and easy to install and maintained


Vertical Wall Standies

  • Experiences: At present we are associated with Reliance regarding the maintenance and installations of vertical Gardens at Antilia, exclusively providing plants for vertical Garden and Indoor Ornamentals all over India and Abroad
  • Our current sites are going on in Bharat Forge Pune, TCG Pune. We have completed more than 30 projects in past 2 years
  • We had setup India’s biggest vertical wall demo of 7000 sq.ft. at Lal Bagh Landscape Fest, 2015
  • We have constructed a 1000 sq.ft. 2-storey live vertical house in Lal Bagh Flower Show, 2016
  • Capabilities: We are capable of providing 0.5 Million plants ready for new installations per month. We have In-House Green wall demo of 2000 sq.ft. ready to dispatch

BIO Wall System

Our Bio-wall system, a modular system, is a rigid, light weight, three-dimensional panel made from Virgin material plastic and the structure is welded with steel that supports plants with both a face grid and a panel depth. This system is designed to hold a green facade off the wall surface so that plant materials do not attach to for the plant with multiple support. The building provides a "captive" growing environments for the tendrils and helps to maintain the integrity of a building membrane.

We have an extremely customized media consisting of 12 different elements which contribute to the excellent growth of plants and maximizes the durability of Plant Life. Plants are sorted according to our company standards and the effect of the Vertical wall can be experienced right from the period of installations.

Plants are selected separately to fulfil the requirements of vertical wall. 40 varieties of indoor and outdoor are listed by us which are suitable for Vertical Gardening. Vertical wall System consist of a Frame and 3 pots which are vertically mounted on Galvanized / Stainless Steel Frame structure which supports the Vertical wall on the wall.


Corona Greens Has a Chemical Fertiziler In the name of NUTRISAP which is a balanced food for Ornamental Plants which contents N/P/k and all micro-macro Nutrients. NUTRISAP is a water soluble and liquid formed fertilizer which can be used in a ratio of 0.002 : 1 i.e 2ml per 1 litre

We have a well defined Liquid fertilizer under the brand name of NUTRISAP developed from our research and development containing various compositions of different micro-macro nutrients along with Vitamins ,Amino Acids and other Growth Hormones.

Installation of vertical wall are done along with Drip irrigation, Automated timers(optional), Drainage panels. We also have a provision for Standees vertical wall which can be shifted easily and for decorating in various occasions and events.

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